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Have you visited the 10 most beautiful cities in the world?


Many cities differ in their originality, contrasts and unusual style, so we will not have enough time to visit them all. Nevertheless, we have prepared for you a list of cities that are definitely worth a look. They are too beautiful to look at them only in photographs. You just need to go there! Venice. Balconies, gondolas, masks and ubiquitous ...

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11 points to know about sleep paralysis

Most people will not realize they are suffering from a disorder called sleep paralysis. It is a phenomenon that has happened to many people before – whether they remember it or not. Those who suffer from this condition experience an inability to move or speak immediately upon awakening.While the body tries to find out from a deep sleep phase and switch to ...

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10 most expensive motor boats in the world


A lot of people dream to sweep over the sea surface. Therefore, luxury models of motor boats are so attractive. But this type of transport affects not only their capabilities, but also the price. We offer you to look at the 10 most expensive motor boats in the world. 10. Silver Bullet Silver Bullet, 76 thousand dollars. This six-meter-long boat ...

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