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Options such as You in 2018 Bitcoins can earn

Whom it is not enough to buy just a few Bitcoins and put on the rising price, you can take a look, and more ways to try to earn Bitcoins. It fucking every day new variants on the market, many of them not particularly serious. Here is a few that I’ve tried.

I try a lot, to me a passive income of Bitcoins. In this regard, I wrote a recent article, my journey to passive income is a bit longer. Here I go on my attitude and my strategy behind it:

Options such as You in 2018 Bitcoins can earn

So I created a list with companies in which I invest currently and/or have invested. As soon as a company no longer pays, or there are problems, it flies out. Thus, the list is in the following article, always right up to date:

Options such as You in 2018 Bitcoins can earn

My Passive Income

What shows this list?

Basically, they are claiming currently, almost all companies, you are dealing with crypto currency and thus make high profits. In this you can invest in a variety of ways and thus a build up passive income.

As you can see from the Blacklist, are not able to always keep time to time in the company of this promise and so it’s time that you disappear with our Invest. It shows how risky this type of investment is.

For this reason (among others) I will not recommend to do this to me! Much to risky.


The lines with a red dot are no longer function company. In most cases, I have invested and lost money. As soon as a company makes problems, I’ll take it in here.

Green List: My Portfolio

The company with a green dot I use currently. You are part of my passive income. At least Once a month (the weekly) I receive from those profits. In the column “Online since”, since when this company is online, or when I’ve invested.

My Reviews

I usually reports very transparent about each of the companies. With my concerns, and risks. There is usually one main article, I think everything is fixed and every few days update. Primarily, these are payment protocols, which show whether and how the payout works. The Link to the corresponding article in the column “Link to the Blog article”.

Right next to it in the column a Link to the website of the company that is associated with my account is that If Anyone invests, I get in the majority of cases, a small Commission, without the Investor must pay more. The the company pays. Basically a brokerage Commission.

Weekly Income

Here are the Numbers that are relevant to me, in order to get an impression of what is possible to do now. Here you can see how speculative it MUST be, basically, companies pay between 2 % and 15 % PER WEEK for our investment. The there is somewhere else not even in a year.

The Deposit included?

In addition, a column may not be quite self-explanatory: “Is included in income on the Deposit? Yes = 1“. There are two types of investment: The one that we get at the end or us at any time to pay off. And we don’T get back. The Deposit (my investment) in the output (i.e. the Gain) is included in (1), then I get my investment at the end of he term. A 0 then I get my investment at a certain time (usually after maturity).

With regard to this Information, you can make the “weekly earnings” in Relation.


In addition, the duration of the investment in weeks. A 999999, which means that there is no time and investment for further works. As long as there is the company. So a real passive income. In such a case, it is almost always so that you can get from his investment at any time get out again, and thus the “term” itself.

Profit after the expiry of the term

In the case of the company, without maturity, this makes of course little sense. Therefore, this column is more relevant where a fixed term is specified.

As a Basis I’ve listed on the top left of an Imaginary value (EUR 1,000). These I can change at will, depending on what I want to invest. So that is the investment sum of the be calculated from the following gains.

Profit means here is really Pure profit. For example, is included in the income of the investment, I’ve deducted this, of course.

Earnings per week / per month
The base is again the value of the top left. The Investment Sum.

Here you can see that the profit per week, for a company with a high weekly income (for example, V-Tec with 15%) under the less profit-per-week dash to deliver, with over half (e.g. Lions Trading Club with 7.5%). The holding that V-Tec has both a short term and, in addition, also the investment in this income is included. This is exactly why the column is very important to me, because they are often the first percent of blind numbers.

In addition, I’ve expected it simply time high, which means the expected to a month. Since my Overview of my personal and business costs are on a monthly basis. So I know if it covers this.

In addition, mtl is still to come”. PE:“ – what is simply the profit per month relative to the investment. It is the same as the columns in front of it – only a percentage. So “Monthly Passive income of X % of the investment” after the stake has been deducted. So Pure Profit.

Break-Even point in weeks

Then the column, which for me plays a very large role: when can I reach the Break-Even point? So how long will it take (in weeks) until I get my investment back I get. I so Plus-Minus-Zero am. This is such risky transactions is an important point. Because the faster you use it, the lower the risk that the company will disappear in this time with the coal.


This column understands no, if I didn’t explain. For me personally, it is always important to have a Cash-Flow. So a regular “income”. Since some of my investment income is included I look here, how much percent I need to invest my winnings and again re-in order for this investment to be running virtually forever. So there is no runtime. Therefore, here also, 0 % is at the company where I get my investment back, since I can plug in either after the term of my deployment back in or is it anyway to no end will continue to run.

Remains in crypto

The last column shows whether or not my investment in Bitcoins (or other Cryptocurrency) remains in the System as such, or in dollars or euros will be converted. The plays in so far a role, as I would like it as a crypto currency, because I believe that this will continue to increase for a few years. I invest 1 BTC today and the EUR 2,000 in value, and in a year, this is EUR 4,000 in value, I’ll take this increase in value, Yes. But will be converted the Bitcoin in EUR 2,000, then the after a year continue to be EUR 2,000. Accordingly, the can go but los also, of course, back when the price falls.

BTC Clicks: Click and Bitcoins get

BTCClicks is basically the same principle as in the case of MyPayingCryptoAds, only without the revenue share. There is here, by default, double as much for a click (0,00000346 BTC), and even Twice, if you have a Premium membership. But even then, you have to click on 300 Links in order to come to€ 2.50 (in case of a BTC price of 1.200€). So a bit to play around but for a serious passive income, is rather difficult.

Bitcoin Mining with Genesis Mining and the Bitclub Network

I always found it exciting to generate Bitcoins. You buy a Computer, follows him home and waits. The finest passive income. However, the electricity costs here in Germany and the cost for such machines is so high that it is, in fact, hardly kohnt and more of a Nerd Gimmick.

The Alternative is to make it yourself. So I’ll leave mine my Bitcoins, among other things, of a company, the have in Island your Server. The company was founded in 2013 by a German. You buy there, so to speak, of computing power in the Form of “Hash-per-second”. This server performance is working for me and generates Bitcoins, as I would have to home my Bitcoin Mining Computer. Their Website: www.genesis-mining.com (3%-discount Code: lI4E7H)

Genesis Mining

I’ve invested many hundreds of Euro in Genesis Mining. In retrospect, it would have been better if I would have bought for the money is simply the currency. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or ZCash:

Options such as You in 2018 Bitcoins can earn

BitClub Network

Website: www.bitclub.bz

According to a different principle, one can participate in the Mining-Pools of the BitClub Network. Here, it is not as flexible and should take a couple of Hundred euros in the Hand.

There are 3 Pools where you can participate:

Options such as You in 2018 Bitcoins can earn

One is forced to re a certain percentage to invest. As soon as you have generated profits – Bitcoins – are used, the corresponding shares (50% in the case of Pool 1, 40% for Pool 2 and 30% in the case of Pool 3), in order to buy again the shares of this Pool. This builds, of course, a very, very long-term business, which, piece for piece, is growing and becoming more and more Bitcoins profitable.

The Nice thing is, you can make the Re-investment is also higher: I’ve got it in all 3 Pools, for example, are 100%. So I’ll have to pay me any winnings, but re-investing fully all in these Pools. So the Zines-interest-rate-effect on the best and leaves his shares in the Mining Pool as soon as possible to grow. Up to the day you think, now you want to take your time to pay off. Then the Re-investment back to the Minimum, and the Bitcoins lapping then every day in your own Wallet (like Genesis Mining).

Click here to go to their Website: www.bitclub.network

Options such as You in 2018 Bitcoins can earn


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