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Five large (even very) breeds of dogs

They say that the dog is the man’s best friend. Below is a brief description of several selected breeds, which by weight are not inferior to their owners.

St. Bernard


On the photo, St. Bernard

A Swiss dog is one of the best in the mountain type, it is not subject to fatigue changes. Dogs reach 65-90 cm at the withers, their weight varies from 50 to 100 kg, and the life span is about 8-11 years. Their fur is usually white with black spots, there are cases of the reverse color, and also there are brown-red-reddish varieties. In the breed there is a division into the long-haired and short-haired type. The breed is incredulous to strangers, loyal to the owners, friendly to children. St. Bernards are used as guard dogs, homemade. They are also used for rescue in the mountains. Their weaknesses are susceptibility to stomach diseases, drooling, problems with ears and eyes, joint dysplasia.

German dog

Немецкий дог

In the photo The Great Dane

Dog breed from Germany, considered very hardy, is not afraid of heavy loads. The first picture with her was written in 1880. Used in the past for hunting now works as a companion, guard dog or dog for guarding. In these dogs, short hair, yellow, brindle, marble (black and white), blue (white markings on the chest and legs) occur, black. There is also a type of non-genuine mastiff with a gray color and black spots. Dogs reach 80 to 90 cm at the withers, females 72-84 cm, weight varies between 65 -90 kg (dog) and 50-75 kg (bitches), the average life expectancy is 6-8 years. This breed is loyal, friendly to children. Dog can have problems with joints, bones, heart, and often have stomach problems.

English mastiff

Английский мастиф

In the photo the English mastiff

A dog from England breeds mastiff. Used as a guard dog, popular as a companion dog. He is not afraid of physical activity. Usually reaches a height between 70-95 cm, weight varies between 68-100 kg. The most severe registered dog in the world was Mastiff, Zorba who weighed 155 kg. The construction of the rock is massive. These dogs have short fur, brindle, silver, often apricot. Dogs are loyal and tolerant, but they can be aggressive if they think that the owner is in danger.



On the photo of Newfoundland

The breed, grown in Newfoundland (Canada), is not afraid of loads. Previously, they were used as draft dogs, now as companion dogs or for rescue. This breed reaches a height of 63-75 cm, the weight varies between 45-70 kg. Newfoundland have an average length of bristles in black, brown or black and white. There may be a brown-white and steel color, but such dogs do not qualify for breeding. These dogs are gentle characters, they are very friendly and caring. Newfoundland can have stomach problems, they live about 11 years.

Spanish mastiff

Испанский мастиф

On the photo Spanish mastiff

The breed of dogs, originally from Spain, considered Molossians, are not afraid of any workloads. Used as protective and hunting dogs, as well as in military service. Their color is manifested in different versions: reddish, black, brindle, with white markings. Dogs reach 78-88 cm, females 72-88 cm, weight – within the limits of 52-77 kg (females), 90-100 kg (dogs). This breed has a certain tendency, dogs are self-confident and friendly. They require good care and nutrition.

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