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The most beautiful twins in the world

These identical twins were born in 2010 — today, they are considered to be the most beautiful twins in the world.

The most beautiful twins in the world

As the two identical twin girls, Ava Marie and Leah Rose on 07. July 2010 saw in California in the light of the world, nobody could have guessed that the two would celebrities be right famous. The family of the two was just over the moon, as a mother, Jaqi found out two years after the birth of her oldest son that it would again give to our family. But shortly after the birth of Ava Marie and Leah Rose, tons of have been showered with compliments. Not only family members and friends of the parents on the beauty of their daughters, even complete Strangers, the Babies delighted.

However, although Jaqi notified the twins already at the age of only six months in a model Agency, she changed, and shortly afterwards again in their opinion — they found it did not it was the right time to start the career of the girls. Years later, she took the date of the seventh birthday of their twins (07.07.2017), however, to occasion, to give the idea a second Chance.

With a Post to Instagram it all started

The most beautiful twins in the world

Actually only picture both of sisters it was on Fotoplattform Instagram. Inspiring (girls celebrated finally their filtered a birthday on 17.07.2017) through more special Symbolik the number of happiness seven, Jaqi above it made at a picture a tender phototypograph that it is reliable, that this number would bring luck their girls. And it had a right!

Nobody could before look, which success would have of Account

The most beautiful twins in the world

Good looks are probably in the Clements in the family. Not only the twins seem to have been beautified, their parents and big brother are also doing well in front of the camera.

The first step on the career ladder

The most beautiful twins in the world

Jaqi was accustomed to being approached by strangers in the street for the beauty of her daughters. But now, after serious requests from professional agencies came along, she asked the girls if they would like to try modeling.

Fun in front of the camera

The most beautiful twins in the world

The sisters were very excited about the idea of ​​modeling and so it came about that Ava Marie and Leah Rose now also took modeling in their everyday lives in addition to their weekly dance lessons and swimming lessons.

All eyes on the pretty double pack!

The most beautiful twins in the world

Since the two girls had always enjoyed being at the center of attention, they were enthusiastic about the new idea right from the start. Her father was not surprised. He and his wife were ready to fully support their children if they wanted to take this career move.

A complete success

The most beautiful twins in the world

Ever since Jaqi launched the Instagram account for her two daughters, he has fallen asleep like a bomb. The pretty twins with their steel blue eyes now have thousands of fans from all over the world who like and comment on their pictures.

Two little ones big

The most beautiful twins in the world

The fans of the Clement sisters are not only thrilled with their looks and their sympathetic charisma, but also with the obvious connection between the girls. In each of their pictures, the fans can clearly see how great the love of the twins is with each other and their family.

Beauty without peersThe most beautiful twins in the world

Some people were so excited about Ava Marie and Leah Rose that they named the sisters the «Most Beautiful Twins in the World». We are curious what will become of the two and look like them on their Instagram account while growing up.

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