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What to eat ” Dute Free»

Many people who have at least once made a trip abroad their own country with the help of Airliners, are aware of the existence of stores “Dute free”. For stores with a similar name is characterized by one distinctive feature. Goods sold in such establishments are not subject to duty. According to the legislation, the sale of goods is carried out outside the territory of the state, which entails the abolition of tax. Thus, the prices of goods in “Dute Free” stores differ dramatically from the prices in the usual store.

What to eat " Dute Free»

Basically, the range of products is not so great, it’s all kinds of alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, toys, Souvenirs, tobacco products. Very often it is possible to meet various accessories and clothes of the known world brands. Due to the fact that in most countries alcohol and tobacco are subject to fairly high tax rates, these products in “Dute Free” are in great demand among tourists from all countries. With duty-free sales, cigarettes and booze are fifty percent cheaper than you would have bought at a supermarket outside the airport. It is no wonder that they are in such high demand.

What to eat " Dute Free»

It is worth noting one important fact: to take advantage of all the advantages of this store you can only in one case – in the presence of a boarding pass, which confirms the fact that you are leaving or entering the country. And of course. You need a passport.

Depending on its location, that is, the country in which the store is located, the range of products may vary greatly. For example, the shops of Dubai or Barcelona differ only in a large range of exclusive products, while Egypt or Croatia can not boast of a large range. In addition, Dubai stores operate around the clock, and unlike its competitors, if necessary, you can even buy a book or jewelry. In addition to the difference in the range of products, there are still certain types of restrictions. For example, in Turkey you can buy no more than eight liter bottles of whiskey, more, unfortunately not.

What to eat " Dute Free»

Of course the prices in the shops “Dute Free” is also different. The most expensive are shops in France, Sweden, Belgium and the UK. Bulgaria, Italy and Spain have more affordable prices. Turkey and Egypt are very attractive in terms of prices in “Dute Free”, but the range and quality of goods leave much to be desired.

An excellent option in terms of” price-quality ” are the shops of India. The store, located in the airport of Goa is the perfect place to shop for rather modest money you can buy a really unusual and interesting things. By the way, buying alcohol there does not make sense. Prices for alcoholic beverages in the country and so extremely low. At the supermarket you will easily be able to buy local rum or a Portuguese port for a couple of dollars per bottle.

What to eat " Dute Free»

The most unsuccessful in terms of prices are the UK airports. Not only that, real discounts on goods make only a few percent, but also there are goods for which the prices are really higher than in shops. Irrefutable fact.

It will be interesting to note that not only shops at airports are exempt from duties. There are whole cities, and even countries “Dute Free”. For example, located on the border of Switzerland and Austria, the Italian town of Livigno, in stores where you can buy electronics, clothing, cosmetics, alcohol, excluding duty margins. Or Andorra-a country that after the Second World war was declared a zone of duty-free trade.

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