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Visit the catering and stay alive

Recently in Ukraine the problem of observance of sanitary and hygienic standards in public catering has sharply arisen. Frequent cases of mass poisoning in the country.

Visit the catering and stay alive

Exacerbation of food poisoning and various intestinal infections, according to health doctors, observed in the spring-summer season. The most common diseases are salmonellosis and dysentery.

Health doctors identify two main reasons why food served in cafes and restaurants is potentially dangerous. The first reason is the quality of food delivered to catering establishments. According to representatives of the sanitary service of Ukraine, over the past year the number of unsuitable products that are delivered to catering establishments has increased by one third.

The second, no less important reason is the lack of compliance with the technology of cooking in the catering establishments of Ukraine.

Many cafes and restaurants, especially small ones, do not even have a technical and technological map of dishes. In General, poor standards of hygiene has a place in smaller businesses with inexpensive food.


Visit the catering and stay alive

Negligent businessmen who open a small cafe or restaurant, trying to save money. The cheapest products are purchased, storage conditions are violated.

Dishes are prepared without compliance with the requirements of the legislation to quality, technological processes, standards of preparation. If large institutions seeking to preserve their reputation, there are separate titles of the individuals responsible for the preparation technology – process engineer, senior chef, etc., in small food service establishments.


Visit the catering and stay alive


Restaurateurs find opportunities to circumvent the punishment, and here corrupt ties with representatives of health services, as well as the fact that in accordance with the law, the health service notifies in advance of inspections. Therefore, before joining verify all deficiencies in the work corrected temporarily, and after checking all returns to normal.

This situation causes a high risk of food poisoning and intestinal infections after visiting catering establishments.

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