The life of the most eccentric millionaire of America

Dan Bilzarian is an incredibly eccentric millionaire from the United States, who is shocked by his behavior, writes

The most original streets of the world

The most original streets of the world

Military Power: Russian combat robot Uranium-9

The arms race has existed in the world not only in times of "cold war". In fact, it continues even now. Today, for your attention here is an overview of the Russian combat robot named "Uranus-9". There are no analogues of this unmanned machine - says






10 main reasons why you can't lose weight

Everyone wants to look good, but on the path to perfection there is excessive weight, which not everyone is able to get rid of. Trendy diets and wonderful products rarely produce the expected result. the website claims that it is quite simple to lose extra weight: here are ten reasons why you can't do it immediately.

Unhealthy food

10 main reasons why you can't lose weight

Most specialists recommends to look closer what food you eat constantly. The fact is that livestock production is a very profitable business. Many farm owners use cheap hormones to speed up the weight gain of cattle and then these hormones come into your body.


10 main reasons why you can't lose weight

Not many people know that thyroid disease can lead to obesity. Hypothyroidism provoke the decrease in production of hormones needed by the body - as a result, you get the ever-increasing weight. In this case it is necessary to increase the amount of iodine intake.