The life of the most eccentric millionaire of America

Dan Bilzarian is an incredibly eccentric millionaire from the United States, who is shocked by his behavior, writes

The most original streets of the world

The most original streets of the world

Military Power: Russian combat robot Uranium-9

The arms race has existed in the world not only in times of "cold war". In fact, it continues even now. Today, for your attention here is an overview of the Russian combat robot named "Uranus-9". There are no analogues of this unmanned machine - says






Amazing places ideal for a family holiday

In our world, there are many unusual places for a family trip, so don't hung up on the traditional tourist destinations. The website has prepared a list of 20 best destinations where it is necessary to go with your family.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Amazing places ideal for a family holiday

Most excursions in Chiang Mai are perfect for older children or teenagers. The bamboo raft on river rapids will amaze you. Guided tours through the jungle will allow you to plunge into the life of wild monkeys and other animals inhabiting the forests of the National Parks of Thailand.

Rossili, Wales

Amazing places ideal for a family holiday

Long down the stairs to the breathtaking Gulf of Rossili require unprecedented skills, but it's worth it. Five-kilometer strip of the curve of golden sand and amazing healing microclimate of Gower do their job. Tourists also come here for the surfing, building sand castles and just sunbathing on a secluded beach of Rossili. If you wish, you can stay overnight in the old rectory in the middle of the bay.