The life of the most eccentric millionaire of America

Dan Bilzarian is an incredibly eccentric millionaire from the United States, who is shocked by his behavior, writes

The most original streets of the world

The most original streets of the world

Military Power: Russian combat robot Uranium-9

The arms race has existed in the world not only in times of "cold war". In fact, it continues even now. Today, for your attention here is an overview of the Russian combat robot named "Uranus-9". There are no analogues of this unmanned machine - says






The most exotic animals

For your attention here is a list of the most exotic animals, informs

Village of foxes, Japan

The most exotic animals

This magical fox oasis is called Zao Kitsune Mura. This village is a mini-zoo, which is home for more than a hundred foxes that roam freely throughout the territory. The visitors can walk in the park, and also feed the local furry residents.

Iguanas farm, Honduras

The most exotic animals

Roatan is a popular cruise ship port, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Honduras. The main attraction of Roatan is a farm where hundreds of iguanas roam where they want.