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12 reasons why men fear strong women

12 reasons why men fear strong women

She is independent, has a strong personality, braves challenges and is self-confident. However, she lives alone, because hardly a man dares to approach her. Do you recognize yourself? Then you are one of those women who are afraid of many men because they feel intimidated by too much self-confidence. Rarely do women, who know how to defend themselves, express their opinions openly and vehemently and stand up for themselves. Men tend to call such personalities difficult, which in turn is too exhausting for them.

The fact is, however, that mutual respect, rewarding efforts, and encouraging encouragement would enhance the mutual coexistence of women and men. Men should see strong and independent women for what they are: an admirable personality. Here are the 12 most common reasons why most men find it difficult to engage a woman like you:

You do not let you say what you have to do

12 reasons why men fear strong women

You are a strong woman who can not be patronized. Of course. After all, you have your own mind and are smart enough to make your own decisions. The resulting consequences carry you raised head. You also differentiate very well between a well-intentioned proposal and a crude command.

You have no time for pointless games

12 reasons why men fear strong women

As a woman who knows what she wants, you have neither the time nor the nerve to deal with non-purposeful relationship games. You prefer clear and unambiguous statements that are meant to be absolutely honest. A double game is against you and if you fall for one, you’re having a hard time trusting again.

You show a man who he really is

12 reasons why men fear strong women

Blemishes and flaws hardly play a role for you, especially for you are the inner values. Men who have problems with themselves for a variety of reasons are happy to help. You are interested in the actual potential of your partner, which you discover together with him, so that he becomes the best he can be.

You love unconditionally

12 reasons why men fear strong women

If you have opened yourself to your partner, you love him with all your heart. You are loyal, caring and supportive and you understand him as well as you can. When your strong feelings are returned, you do everything to make him feel as secure as you. Who leaves you, you let go, because he did not deserve you.

You never play the second violin

12 reasons why men fear strong women

As a strong woman, you do not let yourself be treated with disrespect or neglect. You need a man who will pay attention to you and adore you. If you feel that you are not the most important thing in your life, you will leave him – either he is 100% behind you or not at all.

You are profound and passionate

12 reasons why men fear strong women

Your strength results from the obstacles and challenges that you have overcome in your life. Nothing can throw you off track and this unwavering confidence irritates most men. You think about a lot, have no secrets and tackle everything with wild passion.

Your partner must be reliable and honest

12 reasons why men fear strong women

You always take your partner to the word and rely on his promises. Inconsistent behavior and rule violations are not tolerable for you. If you have the feeling that you are being sold or oppressed for stupidity, you part immediately and without compromise – because no one is allowed to harm you.

You unmask lies without problems

12 reasons why men fear strong women

Liar abhor you and you notice it immediately, if someone even tries to conceal the truth. You prefer that your partner admit his mistakes so that you can work together. But if he tries to circumvent the problems superficially, you would rather look for a new one.

Intimacy is very important to you

12 reasons why men fear strong women

In a partnership, you do not know any taboo topics, whether it’s an intimate conversation or a preference in bed. You expect the same openness from your partner as you give him. You are straight out and say what you want. You expect the same from your partner.

You need open honesty

Many men are afraid of being vulnerable if they divulge too much. But that’s what you need from a man. For you, being strong means exposing vulnerabilities and then working them up. Your partner must be open and able to handle it.

You know what you want and you get it

12 reasons why men fear strong women

If you want something, you do everything to get it – no way is too difficult for you. You talk about it openly and focus your goal. If you feel intimidated by it, you can not do anything with it, because when it comes to challenges you really blossom.

You do not need anyone to handle your fights

12 reasons why men fear strong women

Men love to be considered the great protector. But you do not need one, because you fight for yourself. Who regards you as a small sacrifice, has already lost. Because you grab problems by the horns and get them out of the world alone. If you say you can do that, then you can do that.

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