10 amazing (and harmful) Coca-Cola ingredients


Everyone knows that Cola is not the healthiest drink, but information about the detailed composition of this drink can surprise you a bit … 10. Alcohol According to research conducted by the French National Institute for Consumer Affairs, more than half of the famous cola drinks contain a small portion of alcohol. However, to get a little closer to the ...

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Five large (even very) breeds of dogs

Английский мастиф

They say that the dog is the man’s best friend. Below is a brief description of several selected breeds, which by weight are not inferior to their owners. St. Bernard A Swiss dog is one of the best in the mountain type, it is not subject to fatigue changes. Dogs reach 65-90 cm at the withers, their weight varies from ...

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Have you visited the 10 most beautiful cities in the world?


Many cities differ in their originality, contrasts and unusual style, so we will not have enough time to visit them all. Nevertheless, we have prepared for you a list of cities that are definitely worth a look. They are too beautiful to look at them only in photographs. You just need to go there! Venice. Balconies, gondolas, masks and ubiquitous ...

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The most incredible and fantastically beautiful places on earth

Santorini, an island in the Aegean Sea

Our planet is a pencil. It contains millions of places that you can admire forever. And even a modern person who can afford to travel often rarely can see most of the most beautiful places on our planet. Let us mentally move you to various corners of the Earth to enjoy the beauties of these places. You will see amazing ...

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Concert Costumes for Beyonce

This weekend, the opening of the music festival Coachella 2018, the headliner of the second day was Beyonce. In addition to an incredible show with quality organization, performances in a duet with Jay Z and former members of the pop group Destiny’s Child, the singer was surprised by dresses. Unique concert costumes for Beyonce created none other than the French ...

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